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TaxSpeaker 20% Flow Through QBI Deduction - Webinar
Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
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TaxSpeaker 20% Flow Through QBI Deduction 

Presented by Washington Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals and TaxSpeaker


Wednesday, October 26, 2022  - Webinar 


Event schedule: 

  • Session begins : 10:00 am
  • Session ends : 12:00 pm


Speaker: TaxSpeaker Presenters 

   Ron Roberson CPA 



Location: LIVE Webinar


CPE Credits: 2 IRS Approved Update Tax Hours 



This class is designed with only 1 goal in mind: to fully explain the brand new 20% of qualified business income deduction. We discuss what types of income qualify for the deduction; what entities qualify (and don't qualify); and what phase out tests apply. We discuss and define "specified services", the W-2 threshold; the depreciable asset rules and then show you when they apply and how to calculate the effects of these phase outs. With over 25 examples, a free Excel calculator; worksheets and tables, this course will be your "go-to" to understand and apply this new deduction, just what you expect from all Taxspeaker courses.


Online webinars will receive the PDF version of the manual.


You will be challenged and intrigued by this popular TaxSpeaker course.

Attendee Requirements:

Live Streamed attendees: You must have a high speed internet connection, speakers connected to your computer, headphones or call in for audio and a monitor.
If you have more than 1 person PAID FOR and REGISTERED for the streaming webinar and all would like to watch from the same computer, please complete the Proctor Form and return to us AFTER completion of the webinar in order to receive CPE credit.
You can log in 10 minutes early. Please note-you will not see or hear the speaker until the prompt start time.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course
* You will be able to properly report amounts on clients’ Form 1040 returns that appear on various 3rd party forms
* Properly prepare Form 1040 and its various schedules
* Properly file the above forms with Form 1040 when required
* Determine if clients qualify to take various credits on their 1040 returns to reduce taxable income
* Properly deduct disaster losses on Form 1040
* Provide clients with methods of saving for their children’s college education and determine if they qualify for various education credits and deductions to reduce taxable income
* Prepare to handle IRS audits of your clients
* Comply with the requirements imposed by the Circular 230 regulations
* Advise clients who are members of the military on special taxation rules
and much more..




Course Level:



Registration fee: 

WAATP members : $120

Non-members : $120

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Fees and Schedule - This Taxspeaker Internet-Live webcast will begin and end promptly at stated time. All 8-hour webcasts will break for lunch, and have 2, 10-15 minute breaks. 

 Attendees must answer 75% of all polling questions given during the day to obtain the full hours of CPE Credits.

 Cancellation and Refund Policy: Registration fees will be refunded in full for up to 3 days in advance of the seminar. Registrations may be transferred 1-3 days prior to the seminar date. NO REFUNDS/TRANSFERS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THE SEMINAR MATERIALS AND WEBINAR LINK HAS BEEN SENT AND THE SEMINAR BEGINS. NO EXCEPTIONS





Updated July 26, 2022


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