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Registration is now open for all WAA 2012 Education Programs.  Below is the list of programming.  Click on the event link for details on registration pricing as well as the link to the online registration form.
And save the date for the 18th Annual IRS Working Together Symosium on November 1st!

Around the State

Chapter Events

We have four active chapters around the state.  These chapter officers have been diligently working to bring relevant education to the chapter members and with creating a quality collaborative peer meeting environment. 
Go to www.waa.org/chapters to find out what is happening in your chapter.

Board Officers

Jerry Gintz
[email protected]

Vice President
Charlie Grass
[email protected]

Melanie Levno
[email protected]

Kathy Jolly
[email protected]

Past President
Astrid Arola
[email protected]

NSA State Director
Kathy Hettick
[email protected]

Board Members

Cindy Polley
[email protected]

Melanie Levno
[email protected]

Sonia Smith
[email protected]

Larry Walkden
[email protected]

Gary Bowe
[email protected]

Rizwan Chaudhry
[email protected]

Chapter Presidents

Greater Seattle
Dennis Thompson
[email protected]

Dale Offret
[email protected]

Puget Sound/Tacoma
Pam Cody
[email protected]

Andy Anderson
[email protected]
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Jose G Pol is seeking work for tax preparation (individual and business), in the north Seattle area.

Phone: 425-876-2685
E-mail: [email protected]


The IRS provides a very informative annual calendar.

Small business owners find this a valuable resource throughout the year.  Supplies are limited and the calendar is free.

If you would like to learn more about the IRS calendar please contact Rizwan Chaudhry at [email protected]


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Helping Clients in Difficult Times By Quickfinder/Gear Up. This is a 2010 edition from Seattle
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The mission of the Washington Association of Accountants is to promote and protect the right of every member to practice accounting and taxation; to provide the services and professional education necessary to maintain and improve professional competence.

From the President

by Jerry Gintz

Reset – Go!  This is the theme I have chosen for my 2 year term, which is just beginning.  Much like when our computer devices, be they PC, iPad, smartphone, laptop, you name it, slow down, hang, or just stop processing altogether, a reboot or “reset” is what is required.  The cache is cleared of obstructing processes and many other protocols (internal to the device and of which most of us have only superficial understanding) are cleared out and “reset”.  Then things work much better!

Our lives, our businesses, and certainly this Association can all benefit from the occasional resetting of things.  New Year resolutions are an attempt to reset our lives for one more year.   Purging “stuff” and downsizing are two clear examples of an attempt to reset the clutter level in our lives.  Going paperless in our offices, cleaning out files and revamping internal processes are examples of resetting at the business level.  Putting or keeping efficiencies and essentials in place is the goal.   Moving to advanced website capabilities, reviewing traditional operations and functions of an association, like ours, along with intensely focused reviews of member benefits and the value WAA provides its members and non-members alike, are several examples of a resetting of things and they are at the heart of what this current team of Board of Directors is prepared to act upon.    

Of course the actual “reset” was initiated this past year and now it is time to make sure all systems are working properly and efficiently and to “upgrade” any “components” that have been causing things to hang more frequently.  We have a new web-site platform in place.  It allows us to operate in real-time with our membership database and to respond to membership needs and communicate with membership much more efficiently.   It allows us to fulfill our Mission, in this technology driven world, to the fullest.  

So, expect to see far better resources and CPE opportunities, along with some very valuable member benefits, on our web-site.   These will be communicated to you more efficiently and with your practice needs in mind.    If you own your own practice, are staff in a practice, required to gain RTRP status, just entering your career or just finishing your studies – get or stay connected with us.  There are some mighty big seas ahead of us all.  WAA will help you navigate your own individual course.

"Event better than Chess Camp!" WAA 2012 Convention Wrap-up

by Jeremy Saladino - Greater Seattle Chapter Secretary

The 2012 Washington Association of Accountants Annual Convention took place at the Renton Holiday Inn this past Thursday and Friday, June 21-22. As something dubbed “Accountant’s Camp” should be, we definitely had a great bit of fun along with business during these last few days.  To start, I was among those invited to the Chapter Officers Luncheon where a “nice time was had by all”.  We learned the winner of Chapter of the Year was  Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter, and that Chapter Officer of the Year was Ken Winger, also from Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter.

The Annual Meeting gathered together 33 members.  The meeting was the perfect place to honor past Officers with thanks, and new officers were also introduced. The National Society of Accountants (NSA) Secretary/Treasurer, Brian Thompson from Little Rock, Arkansas; the District IX Governor, Joyce Funkhouser-Lingelbach from Portland, OR; and Kathy Hettick, NSA State Director (for Washington) were welcomed, and Annual Meeting attendees were encouraged to join NSA. Make a note, next year’s WAA convention will be hosted by the Northwest Chapter!

Many “campers” appeared to enjoy the Campfire… (I mean the Hospitality Room)… between the Annual Meeting and the start of the Past President’s Dinner.  As I’ve observed several times now, this down time is great for camaraderie and relaxation.   The Past President’s Dinner was a great mix of fun, games and honoring those who’ve worked so hard to make the WAA a viable association of professionals.   Ann Griffin did a great job as our Camp Counselor of Fun and Games, directing the group in a rousing song of “Where Have All the Clients Gone?” (sung to the tune of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”) and we also had a great scavenger hunt. Yes, we sang for our supper!  I admit I am a bit concerned for the Northwest Chapter… Rizwan and “Larry-Bob-Dale” are well on their way to “American Idol” try-outs next year.   Following the dinner, gift baskets provided by each chapter were raffled off, with the proceeds going to the scholarship fund.  I’m not sure who won what, but I did see Andy Anderson walk off with a basket brimming with camping equipment, ‘smores fixings, and a six pack or two of beer.  The fun escalated with the auctioning off of The Wine Bottle- a lovely vintage Chianti that has made the rounds for years now. The bidding started quickly at $100 and rapidly moved up from there.  It hit a snag when it started increasing by $1 for a short while and then ended at $225 when all was said and done.  The dinner ended with Jerry Gintz being installed as the new President of WAA, and his acceptance speech which included his vision for the near future of the organization.

Continuing Education on Friday was attended by 45 folks, who took in an accounting class taught by Lance Mertz. This class was a lot of basics as well as; finding and correcting clients’ mistakes, tricks to inputting financial statements into tax return software for easier reconciliation, and rules on what non-accountants can and can’t do, according to the WA board of Accountancy.  There was also a short presentation by Dennis Thompson regarding fraud in small business.

This was my 3rd Annual Meeting, and I am glad that I went. I enjoy meeting and having a good time with other members from outside my own chapter as well as members that I see once a month.  Because this meeting was close to home, I brought my wife to the dinner. We were able to meet a few other spouses, which made it even more enjoyable.  My wife was able to put faces to the names in stories that I have told.  I look forward to next year’s convention hosted by Northwest Chapter and I look forward to stories that start “This one time, at Accountant’s Camp…”.

by Sonia Smith - Awards Chair

This year during our convention at the Annual Meeting awards were given out to honor some of our members. The following awards were given:

JOE McREYNOLDS:  Rizwan Chaudhry – Northwest Chapter
For offering his time and talent to Snohomish County’s Business Women’s Center teaching business skills and expanding the mission of WAA.

GRAND AWARD OF EXCELLENCE:  Jerry Gintz – Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter
For his dedication as Vice President of WAA.  
For being dependable, a leader, and working hard to improve WAA.

For his long-term vision to offer a comprehensive tax class to our members.
He worked tirelessly to help make the class a positive experience for all.
For her dedication to the Editorial Committee every month for the last 3 years.
On her term WAA was awarded Outstanding ASO newsletter by NSA.
Congratulations to all our award recipients.  WAA appreciates all that our members do!

Chapter Officer of the Year, and Chapter of the Year, were announced during the Officer luncheon. Ken Winger received Chapter Officer of the Year, and Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter won Chapter of the Year. Congratulations to the Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter on all your hard work!

Education Committee
by Cynthia Polley

July is here and we are kicking off our education season with the Gear Up Estates & Trusts seminar on July 12-13.  Last year, I attended this seminar unsure of how much I would get out of it since I do not prepare estate and trust tax returns.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much practical information I learned.  It was great to have the manual to reference all year.  Even if you do not regularly work with estates and trusts, this is a great seminar to attend.  You will take away valuable information that will help you help your clients with difficult issues.    

Do you need to take the RTRP exam?  Or, are you looking for a great tax class for yourself or your employees?  WAA has just what you’re looking for. WAA has two NEW education options to choose from.     

The Comprehensive Tax Class is back and will begin on September 8, 2012.  This 10 -week course is offered online through WebEx so you can attend class from your home or office.  All study materials are provided both online and in hard copies.  During this course you will complete all assignments and tests online and attend a weekly class through WebEx.  This hybrid class gives you both the convenience of independent study and the support of trained instructors through the live classroom on WebEx.   Get the training you need and earn 60 CPE tax credits.   If you would like to be an instructor for this course, you can earn 120 CPE tax credits.  You can register for this course on the WAA website.  

Do you need to study for the IRS RTRP exam, but just don’t want to take a class.  WAA is partnering with Fast Forward Academy to offer exam preparation materials to help you pass the RTRP, EA or CPA exam.
The online study packages offer study materials, practice questions,and simulated timed testing.  Following the timed practice test/s, you get detailed feedback identifying areas of weakness so you can target your studying to strengthen those areas.  The online simulated test will also give you the confidence to take the online exam.  A survey released on June 16, 2012 showed that 94% of students passed the IRS RTRP exam on the first try using the Fast Forward Academy study materials.   You can get the Fast Forward Study Courses through the link on the WAA website.

Don’t forget about the online education through WAA.  Would you like to supplement your education with specific topics you can’t find a seminar for?  Visit the online education on the WAA website.  There are a variety of education options every month through Western CPE, Jennings, and Bisk CPEasy.  

The Gear Up seminars are scheduled for 2012 and 2013.  All registration for 2012 is open.  You can save $50 for each seminar you attend by registering early.  Register today for all of your events.  

2012 Seminar Schedule     

Gear Up Estates & Trusts – Sea Tac                   July 12-13, 2012
Comprehensive Tax Class                                    September 8, 2012
Gear Up Business Entities – Auburn                  October 22-23, 2012
IRS Working Together Symposium – Seattle     November 1, 2012
Gear Up 1040 Update – Lynnwood                      November 12-13, 2012
Gear Up EA Ethics – Lynnwood                            November 12, 2012
Gear Up 1040 Update – Auburn                            December 3-4, 2012
Gear Up EA Ethics – Auburn                                  December 3, 2012
Gear Up 1040 Update – Spokane                         December 3-4, 2012
Gear Up EA Ethics – Spokane                               December 3, 2012

2013 Seminar Schedule

Gear Up Business Entities                                   October 28-29, 2013
Gear Up 1040 – Everett                                          November 11-12, 2013
Gear Up EA Ethics – Everett                                  November 11, 2013
Gear Up 1040- Auburn                                           December 2-3, 2013            
Gear Up EA Ethics – Auburn                                 December 2, 2013
Gear Up 1040 – Spokane                                      December 9-10, 2013
Gear Up EA Ethics – Spokane                              December 9, 2013

We are currently working on the education for the 2013 convention to be held in the Northwest.  We will have an announcement in the coming months. 

NSA State Director Report
by Kathy Hettick

Congratulations to our Washington NSA Scholarship winners! For 2012, the winners are Sonja M. Gooding, Walla Walla University, and Carrie B. Munns, Eastern Washington University.  Congratulations to both and kudos to all WAA members for great participation in the scholarship fundraising endeavor. We continue to advocate for the future of our profession through student support and education.

The 67th NSA Annual Meeting will be held on Maui, Hawaii  on August 22-25. It will be an adventure for all, so please let me know if you plan on attending! Be sure and sign up before July 1 for the early bird discount.

WAA Past President Astrid Arola has stepped forward as a candidate for WA NSA State Director, 2012-2014.  She is an excellent candidate; loyal to WAA and NSA with a great understanding of the importance of national representation from our state.  I support her in this endeavor and know she will be great. The election and installation will be held at the NSA Annual Meeting in August.

Gene Bell and I have been appointed to the NSA Speaker Team for the summer 2012 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums. Let us know if you are planning on attending one of the forums! This is a great opportunity to keep NSA and WAA in front of practitioners all across the country.

Stay connected by joining NSA now and start receiving great membership value! For more information, log on to www.nsacct.org or contact me at [email protected]

Chapter News

Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter

by Pam Cody

As the incoming president of the Puget Sound Tacoma Chapter, I am very excited about where our chapter is headed.  We laid a great foundation last year with excellent CPE, a great mini-seminar on fraud, and a fun Holiday party.  This year we will continue our tradition of interesting and fun speakers.  We will be learning about the mysteries of social networking, how to plan for college and medicare, and of course, some great tax topics like S-Corp taxation, state excise taxes, and IRS collections procedures.

We are planning a full-day seminar Tuesday, September 25, on the topic of non-profits. We hope to have a variety of speakers covering everything from setting up a non-profit, to bookkeeping, grant-writing, and of course taxation.  So mark your calendars now and stay tuned for registration information!

Most of all, I am excited about the great team I will be working with.  Bill Morlong Jr., my vice-president, has experience serving in a Colorado ASO.  He specializes in tax representation and has some great connections within the IRS.  This will be the second year I have worked with our awesome secretary, Shawn Gagnon.  She is a first-class lady and consummate professional.  I have learned a lot from Shawn and I can count on her to keep our meetings lively.  Our treasurer, Jordan Knoben, is a new WAA member and a recent accounting graduate.  From what Jordan demonstrated at Leadership and in our planning sessions, he is a go-getter with a sharp wit and great leadership potential.

That’s an overview of the Puget Sound Tacoma Chapter for 2012-2013.  If you want a closer look, come to one of our meetings.  Our lively group will make you feel welcome, educated, and energized.

Northwest Chapter

The NW Chapter is gearing up to have a great year. We had our new officers installed at our June meeting, and we are all becoming very active in our new positions. We hope to accomplish a lot this current year and I know that we will.

Members are looking forward to the annual WAA Convention and Accountants Camp June 21-22. (Bets are in for the Chapter of the year and Chapter Officer of the year.) We are planning our mini seminar on Elder Care for this fall.  We look forward to helping WAA at the Biz Fair in September. We will be helping/hosting the 1040 gear up seminar November 12-13 in Lynnwood, WA. So we are already very busy.

Stay in Touch and Stay the Course.

Washington Association of Accountants l 2150 N 107th St #205 Seattle WA 98133 l 800-733-6286 l [email protected] l www.waa.org