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Below is the list of programming.  Click on the event link for details on registration pricing as well as the link to the online registration form.
  • Affordable Care Act
    Presented by Gear up, Speaker – John Stevko June 21, 2013 at Holiday Inn in Everett, WA

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We have four active chapters around the state.  These chapter officers have been diligently working to bring relevant education to the chapter members and with creating a quality collaborative peer meeting environment. 
Go to www.waa.org/chapters to find out what is happening in your chapter.

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From the President

by Jerry Gintz

Whom do you trust?

As we’ve all been watching the news coverage of the IRS “scandal”, I’m certain we all have some sort of sense that ethics have been breached. That should be the case no matter if we are pro or con on the subject of the Tea Party.  As I contemplate the significance of what is unfolding, I am settling in on a likely scenario that the public trust will be seen to have been broken, to a large or small degree. Even if that is for just half of the taxpayers, it may be a significant event in how a lot of people view the IRS. Depending on how this all shakes out, it could add to an already (presumed to be) rocky start to 2014, given all the other changes our profession will be dealing with at that point.
I’m on life’s path at the same time as you, but it seems from my vantage point, that the trust in leadership has taken a serious hit in this country. Scandal after scandal, in both the private and public sectors seem to be common fare. It’s disheartening at a certain level, but it does make me stop and consider my role in the relationship to the people I encounter each and every day.  

I believe that all of us who interact with our clients have become trusted advisors to them and perhaps, will be looked to for an even more significant trusting relationship in the months and years ahead, if things do not become more sensible and ethical out there.  Especially, that may be so when it has to do with something pertaining to the IRS.  

I understand that WAA has been diligently promoting the upcoming seminar on the Affordable Care Act. I believe that with the IRS being largely responsible for administering the taxpayer reporting pieces to the Act, that there may be even more apprehension toward that relationship than there would have been already. I am (day by day, it seems) all the more convinced that we tax pros will need to understand this new Affordable Care Act as deeply and as completely as possible. We can all gain here if we view the opportunity in the light of trust and our clients needing and wanting solid trustworthy counsel when it comes to this piece of legislation.  

So yes, here it comes again –
Register now for the Affordable Care Act Conference – this one is filling up faster than we have ever experienced. Don’t miss it!

See you there!

Annual Meeting


by Kathy Jolly

Don't Miss WAA's Annual Meeting
and Banquet!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

If you have never attended one of WAA’s Annual Meetings, this certainly is the year to be there. If you are a regular, or you have only been to a couple, you realize how important this year’s event is going to be.

Here are some of the day’s happenings:
• Proposed By-Law Revision at Annual Meeting
• Legislative Update from Gary Smith of IBA at the Annual Meeting
• Announcement of Chapter of the Year and Officer of the Year
• John Stevko is Keynote Speaker at the Banquet
• NSA’s First Vice-President, Steve Hansen will be Sharing What’s Happening at the National Level

There is no charge to attend the Annual Meeting nor for refreshments and networking in the Hospitality Room. Please register and pay online for the Banquet!

It’s a day out of the office that will be very well spent. See you in Everett.


by Cynthia Polley

A few years ago, long before the Affordable Care Act, I prepared a Massachusetts state return for a new client. She had Social Security and a rental that had a small profit.  That’s all. I assumed there would be no tax due, and was surprised when I calculated the return and it showed a balance due of several hundred dollars. I quickly went to work to find my mistake. Well, I discovered I had not made a mistake at all. She was being assessed a penalty (tax) because the worksheets verifying that she had health insurance coverage on December 31 of that tax year had not been filled in. This was my first experience with ‘An Act Providing Access to Affordable, Quality, and Accountable Health Care’ in Massachusetts. Now, we have the ‘Affordable Care Act’ and we have to learn the rules this year because we will be the ones verifying people have insurance and calculating the penalties on their tax returns when they don’t have adequate coverage.  Are you ready? I’m not.  

The seminar coming June 21, 2013, Affordable Care Act Realities and Taxpayer Relief Act Update is valuable information for all tax practitioners. See details below.

Friday, June 21, 2013

This is the one CPE course you CAN’T MISS this year!

John Stevko, national Gear Up Speaker, will be presenting the many tax implications of this far-reaching legislation that will impact almost all of our clients – individuals and businesses. Space is limited, so sign up early. Register today!

CPE Credits: 8-Hour CPE
Date: June 21, 2013
Location: Holiday Inn, Everett, WA

John is one of the preeminent tax speakers in the country. He presents seminars and webinars to thousands of tax professionals throughout the United States including some of the largest CPA firms.

He is very concerned about the Affordable Care Act, with regard to what it requires of those professionals needing to work with it. He has a deep sense that many are lagging in understanding of both scope and content. He is excited to bring us this seminar, as he sees the importance in being out in front of what will more fully unfold starting January 2014.    

Even though this event is directed toward the professional accounting and tax community (there will be other tax legislation being discussed in addition to the Affordable Care Act), anyone having to know any part of the Affordable Care Act will find this event extremely valuable. You just won’t want to miss this opportunity to get in front of one of the finest presenters in the country, on this subject. Register now, as seating is limited and we expect to fill up fast! Go here now to register!

Membership Renewal

by Sonia Smith

Members please take the time to check your annual renewal date. The majority of our membership has a June 30 renewal date. You may have already received reminder notices to renew.  

Go to www.waa.org and click the Member Login button on the right. If you have forgotten your log in information just click on the Forgot your password link and fill in your email address and it will be sent directly to you.  

Once you’ve logged in, scroll down on the Welcome Members page and there you will quickly find when your membership expires.If you need to renew, scroll back up on that page and simply click on Renew My Membership. It’s that easy!

For those of you that don’t expire at the end of June, you’ll see your annual expiration date.You’ll also receive notices for renew 60, 30 and 7 days prior to your expiration date.

The advantages of renewing are numerous. Below are just naming a few.
• Keep current with the latest developments in taxes and accounting

• Having access to education through live seminars and webinars through our partners

• Your membership provides discounts on seminars. Two 2-day seminars at a member’s cost and you’ve just covered the cost of your dues.

• Networking with your peers and sharing information that can benefit your business and your clients

• Receive the IBA Newsletter which has valuable information on current business issues

If you have any questions on your membership, please feel free to contact any officer in your chapter or myself.  We’d all be happy to answer your questions.


by Charles Grass, Vice President

Wanted – Dead or Alive only!

I know that there are members that value WAA and would make great leaders. Now is the time to speak up. The chapters have open board positions that allow first hand observation as to how the chapter is managed.  There are always short term tasks that the leaders can and should delegate; these are great opportunities to be of service and come to know leaders in your chapter and in other chapters. The state board has three open director positions; one is a single year, a great opportunity to check it out or try it on for size. And there are committees that can use assistance.

Contact any chapter or state leader with your questions.

P.S. (thoughts from Jerry Gintz)

“Younger members 25-40 years of age:  Leadership development at the volunteer level is one of the strongest moves you can make in strengthening your resume’. Whether that is by enhancing your value to your employer, your practice or simply moving forward on your career track. WAA is recognized (in our industry) for having one of the very best leadership development tracks in the country. This is a free opportunity for you to add significantly to your resume’. Simply make a phone call and you will have help unpacking the opportunity from there!”


by Charles Grass, Vice President

2013 WAA Leadership Conference and

Committee Daze, May 16-18, 2013

Steamboats and Firewood

At our annual, highly acclaimed, leadership conference, we took a look back in time to an example of ‘state of the art’ technology being rendered obsolete in a short time period by new technology and discussed how tomorrow’s world will not be the same as the world was ten years ago or even today.  Our discussions were framed in the outline of ‘The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask About Your Organization’ by Peter F. Drucker and ‘The End of Membership as We Know It’ by Sarah L. Sladek.
Our group was composed of a broader spectrum of members, by age and geography, than in prior years. That made for good, solid working discussions about WAA in the past, present, and the future.  At the end of Friday, the attendees were tasked with answering the “Five Questions”.  This was a contest with scoring done by the participants at dinner that night.  Pam Cody, President (2012-13) of the Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter, was the winner.  Her prize is a new Kindle Fire HD.  Congratulations Pam.  See Pam’s winning statement by clicking here.

Presentations to the group included:
History of WAA – Astrid Arola, Past President
MemberClicks and SBI Management – Sarah Luczyk, Association Executive
WAA at Biz Fair – Dale Offret & Rizwan Chaudhry
Education as Leadership – Cindy Polly, Education Chair
The Vision Forward – Jerry Gintz, President
Chapter Management – Melanie Levno

Work has already begun on next year’s conference.  Current and prospective WAA leaders may want to block out May 15-18, 2014 (tentative dates, subject to board calendaring)

Looking for Work or a New Employee? Check Out Our WAA Job Board!

Click here to learn more and see current jobs and resumes.

NSA Update from The State Director

by Astrid Arola

One of our affiliates at NSA is ACAT (Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation).  ACAT was established in 1973 as a non-profit independent testing, accrediting and monitoring organization.  

ACAT is a nationally recognized credentialing organization and
 offers four credentials:

1. Accredited Business Accountant/Advisor (ABA)
2. Accredited Retirement Advisor (ARA)
3. Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA)
4. Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP)

ACAT accredits professionals in independent practice who have demonstrated measureable knowledge of the principles, practices, and ethical standards of accounting, taxation, information technology and related financial services.
Individuals who hold these credentials have demonstrated their knowledge and competency through a regimen that includes education, experience, and examination on topics that include substantial taxation and ethical components. To maintain their credentials, they comply with rigorous annual continuing professional education requirements. ACAT credentials are recognized for licensing or regulatory purposes in many states. ACAT credentials can help you build your career in tax and accounting.  

Here’s what a member, Kathy Jolly – EA & ABA, had to say about her credential:

“As an EA (enrolled agent), I had no accounting credentials and felt that a credential was important for me as a small business owner.  The credential has given me confidence and my clients see the value.”

For more information, visit
http://connect.nsacct.org/ACAT/About1/AboutACAT or contact ACAT at 888.289.7763 x 1343 or email: [email protected]

Chapter News

Northwest Chapter

by Dale Offret

The NW Chapter has been engaged in many activities during this last year. We held a very successful Mini Seminar in October on Advanced QuickBooks for Accountants and had over 45 in attendance. Each monthly chapter meeting held was another chance to network and meet new members. We held our 2nd annual “Tax Season Kick-Off” in January and had the party of the year.

Officers attended the Leadership Convention in May in Renton and with the help of Charlie Grass and the WAA Board members, they worked to recharge our batteries and to get this next year going.

Members are looking forward to the Annual WAA Convention at the Holiday Inn in Everett on June 20th and 21st. A special thanks to Kathy Jolly and her co-workers for planning, designing and implementing this event.

The NW Chapter is already gearing up for the new officers installation scheduled for June 6th.  Our new officers will be Darrell Stewart as President, Ronnie Wright as Vice President, and Sherry Werth is continuing as Treasurer.  In addition, another special thanks to Kathy Jolly for help with the new officer selection.

On a personal note, it has been a pleasure serving as the President of the NW Chapter this past year. Wow, how time flies. I want to thank every one of our members for being such a wonderful addition to the funniest Chapter in WAA. I also would like to thank the Board of the NW Chapter, without whom I could not have done the job that I have. Finally, to Kathy Jolly (for taking charge of things when needed) and Janet Fix (NW Secretary) and Sherry Werth (NW Treasurer)--thank you for being there for me when things were tough and for all the fantastic work that the three of you have done. Words cannot express my gratitude. THANK YOU.

I am looking forward to another wonderful year with WAA and all it has to offer.

We have accomplished a lot this past year and I know that we will do even better in the upcoming year under the tutelage of Darrell Stewart.
Our love and prayers continue to go out to Janet Fix.

Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter

by Pam Cody

As most of you know, this is transition season for our chapter boards.  I am delighted to announce that our new board was unanimously elected at our May meeting.  For 2013-2014 the officers are as follows:  Shawn Gagnon – President, Jordan Knoben – Vice President, Diane Martin – Secretary, and Yet Sok – Treasurer.  I will still be actively involved as Past President, and am excited to work with such an energetic and capable group. 

At our upcoming June 4 meeting, the new officers will be installed.  We are also excited to have a great speaker, Andy Landis.  His presentation is entitled “Social Security – Unlocking the Client Mysteries.”  I had the pleasure of hearing this presentation last month at another event, and was very impressed with Andy.  He really knows his stuff!  If you want the latest info on Social Security, or if you want to congratulate your new chapter board, register for the meeting online and send your RSVP to [email protected].

I hope to see many of you there!

Spokane Chapter

by Hazel Flynn-Parkison

Our May meeting was filled with the installation of WAA Officers and Board Members.  Brady Hatfield installed Hazel Flynn-Parkison as continuing Secretary and Bob McKinley and Patricia Brents as Board Members.

In addition, we had Speaker Deputy Chris Johnston from the Spokane County Sheriff Crime Prevention Unit presented on the topic of “Fight Investment Fraud”.  The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) regulates and examines a variety of state chartered financial services www.dfi.wa.gov.  This organization is similar to the Better Business Bureau for rating financial institutions.  Approximately 80% of people do not report investment fraud.  “Do not call lists” do not provide 100% relief from solicitations because unfortunately many companies sell your phone numbers.  Deputy Johnston recommended that if you observe any unusual events to call Crime Check.  He also recommends that if you want your information in the phone book to use your first name initial, middle name initial and last name.   

Lynnette Heidenreich provided information about IRS Form 14039 Identity Theft Affidavit and Safeguarding Taxpayer Data.

Please come and join us for another great meeting on June 11th!

Education, Networking & More…
The Spokane Chapter WAA Bisk Study Sessions have resumed.  The cost is $20/class or $90/year. The study sessions are instructed by Bob McKinley, CPA, Wayne Vinson, CPA and Paul Smart, CPA.

View Monthly Meetings, Mini-Seminars and Register for Education Events on our website WAA.org under Education>Calendar of Events.

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